India's first residential school to offer University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) curriculum from Primary to A level

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Fostering a lifelong process of education, the Pre-Nursery, Nursery and kindergarten level of schooling forms and facilitates a procedure that carries on throughout a student's life. It's the sunshine years that become a foundation of growth for the years to follow, and thus the school contributes to a student's education through a unique curriculum developed in-house.

Stemming from an innate understanding of the importance of these crucial years in student's schooling, the sunshine currculum provides a firm basis for each child to move forward at a comfortable yet challenging pace which is carefully supervised.

Stressing upon the importance of providing ample time for a variety of cultural and artistic classes, rest, refreshment, physical exercise and personal development activities; the sunshine timetable helps prioritize learning in every manner possible.

Maintaining a personal level of communication with all parents to ensure a well rounded growth, every child's advancement is carefully monitored to help achieve the school's vision of providing holistic development.